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August 14, 2012
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Jack Gutherie Application by redleaveshavefallen Jack Gutherie Application by redleaveshavefallen

(( ;u; This is my hopeful application for Beatus Luna Academiae, or Boys Love academy. I really hope I get in! I've been thinking of this group for years, and I finally found a character after much trail and error to match; my baby Jack! ;7; I've used him in many of my personal RPs with much success, but before he was just a side character that I adored. Now he get's to be his own person!))

ROLE PLAY STYLE: I prefer to write paragraph style, and usually in the comments of an app, be it your's or mine. I also like the chatroom. If you prefer to RP in notes, that's fine with me! Comments may get more attention, however.
[more sketches and outfits coming soon]

NAME: Jack Gutherie

GENDER: Male, of course

ETHNICITY: American (no idea what his actual ethnicity is, sorry)

AGE: 16

BIRTHDAY: November 16



HEIGHT: 5' 7"

WEIGHT: 179 lbs (almost all muscle! o7o )
((The app is incorrect. Don't listen to it. Shh, it lies!))

PERSONALITY: He's cheery, sarcastic, and quick witted. Friendly as hell, he is a man who loves company, and loves being the center of company. His sense of humor may get him in trouble with those who are more serious, but it often grants him many friends. Manipulative when he wants to be, he'll often use whatever tricks he can to benefit himself and his friends, even if it isn't necessary. While he will mingle with any number of people, if you are truly his friend, he will go to all ends to please you. That isn't to say he will stay loyal forever; trust doesn't come easy when it involves the most important matters, and while silly tricks may give you his trust for a moment, that trust may only last for a little while. He can also be a bit protective when he truly finds someone he cares for.

He adores wearing outrageous and hilarious outfits, and while he usually just goes about in usual shirts and pants, he may run about in intricate costumes, or even drag, if the moment feels right. (Also, he's a bit of a pervert.)

When it comes to things he wants to do, like stupid pranks and tricks, he'll use all of his power to achieve his goals. When it comes to what the rest of the world wants him to do, he's not as active. Scholastics that don't suit his interests are thrown to the back-burner, and friends that aren't interesting and left behind. I's hard for him to mind his manners when he has so much comic genius in his head, so he often won't hold his tongue in the right moments. And as for drawing attention to himself...... This man will be no one's second. He must be the life of the party, he must be the center of attention, and he will be no one's lackey. Jack is at the head. No questions.

LIKES: Theater, dressing up, musicals, soccer, tennis, other sports, reading, his Heelys shoes, popularity, stupid and outrageous outfits. People with passion, almost all types of people (be they mean, arrogant, hilarious, stoic, smart, dumb...), men and women

DISLIKES: Girly things (that are un-ironic), blood and gore, critics, cats and dogs (allergies).

SPECIAL TALENTS: Jack is an incredible actor, and has the imagination and wit to take up any role, be it tragic, hilarious or even a woman. He brings a passion and excitement to any role he's give. Jack also has an amazing singing voice, and a talented memory, though this mostly applies to words and language. He's pretty athletic, though he doesn't usually pursue things like sports unless he has to (or it will get him more people to mess with).

DREAMS: Jack's dream is to become a Broadway actor, which is a pretty rare occurrence. Knowing how hard it is to become big in show business, he assumes this academy will be his best bet. He would also like to write his own script, but he's not quite at that level.

PHOBIAS: After hearing about and seeing so many occurrences of death and injury from both his doctor mother and his nurse-in-training sister, he's become a bit nervous of (you guessed it) death and injury. While most of his family is quick and ready in any sort of horrific situation, he becomes a mess (this is not a good man in tragedy). Also, he has a subconscious fear of being alone, which may explain his attention-grabbing talents as well as his protectiveness.

FAVORITE FLOWER: Red rose? They're romantic, and dramatic, and the ones you throw on stage, and about the only kind he can name. Not a huge fan of flowers, though.

STORY: Back in junior high, he was just an average boy at an average school in America. Average grades. Good at sports. Got the lead roles in all the plays. Pretty popular. A best friend since childhood who he later ended up hating since he got cocky and hit on Jack's big sister, Jackie. Who would have thought that same friend would later bring a girl to Gutherie's home, asking for help? And who would have thought that his mother, a nurse at the time who had just finished going to school to be a doctor but had yet to be hired in the position, would find something in that girl no one in the medical community had seen before?

Jack's mother published some papers about it and instantly won fame in the medical community. She became a big name doctor, and by the time Jack was a freshman, she was offered a job at one of the greatest hospitals in the country. With the new-found money in their pockets, his parents decided they wanted their son to go to the best school money could buy. Their daughter Jackie was already in college becoming a nurse, and had her fair share of help, but Jack was in a position to leave; so he decided to go to the academy. How else would he get a job as an actor? It's not like it's easy...

Relationship: In a relationship with Campy Cutie Campbell Sevan

Position: Since he didn't know he was homosexual, he really has no idea how any of that works... Meaning he would most likely want someone else to take control. Yep.

Turn Ons: No freaking idea man you gotta figure that out.

Other Information:
:bulletgreen: He has an older sister, Jackie (wow naming) who he is very proud of. He loves his sister to death.
:bulletgreen: He has some sort of grudge in his past that he doesn't like to talk about much. It's not actually incredibly important, but he dislikes it enough that he will most likely tell only a few people about it.
:bulletgreen: Favorite musical is Wicked.
:bulletgreen: Middle is name Edwin. He's proud of that.
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ShesaMystery Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hah, he's awesome! Wanna rp?
redleaveshavefallen Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure! owo Sorry if I reply a bit slowly, though.
Ummmmm you can start =7=
ShesaMystery Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm terrible at starting though. //sob OTL
redleaveshavefallen Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You can do it, I believe in you!

Okay, but then you have to do with my setting. =7= Since I am still unsure of the school setting, how about on the boat taking them to the island where the school is?

Jack: Jack was doing something strange, even for him. He was walking around the halls of the ship, in the area of the sleeping quarters. In his hands, he had a half-finished plate of perfectly good food. And as he walked around, looking a bit pale for his usual skin tone, he called out in a loud, but slightly shaken, voice: "Hey, anyone want some fooooood?!"
ShesaMystery Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's fine by me~ :D I don't really care about the setting, as long as it's something I can work with. Though just for the record, I think the students are in the school now, since the opening event has come and gone. ))

In a short, Andy was uncharacteristically bored. He couldn't read on a ship without getting motion sickness, and he couldn't find his current boyfriend, whom he usually hung out with when there was nothing to do. Said ship was also moving agonizingly slow. Andy had to check with one of the crew members to ensure they hadn't stopped completely stopped moving completely.

As he headed towards his sleeping quarters to try and figure out a way to pass the time, he spotted something strange. A boy, probably another student judging by his age, was wandering listlessly through the halls, shouting if anyone wanted some food. Andy paused a moment, arching an eyebrow at the stranger before continuing on his way. He didn't have any business with him.
redleaveshavefallen Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
((Yes, but I actually haven't gotten to particpate in any of the recent events because my schedule is lame, so I'm not quite used to interacting with the setting yet. ^^; ))

Jack: Seeing movement from the corner of his eye, he seized the oprutunity and ran over. "Heeey, don't think I didn't see you!"

Stopping in front of his new victim companion, he immediately took the airs of an overly-persistent entrepeneur. "Hey, see this plate of food? Barely touched! Whoever made it probably slaved very hard on this, and put in their heart and soul into this food. It would be a shame to waste it, right? Right?" Jack urged the the boy to take the food. "My mom said that no good food should be wasted. It's against my principles and morales. If you were a good man, you would save me from this torment of my conscience." Persistant and snarky as ever, he still looked a bit unnaturally pale; possibly a bit sick.
ShesaMystery Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Alright, that's understandable. c: )

Andy was suddenly stopped by the random kid and raised an eyebrow at him. He was talking so fast that the Arab could barely catch what was being said, but from what he could gather, the topic was along the lines of morals and wasted food. Andy looked down at the plate. It certainly wasn't barely touched; more like half-eaten. Still there was enough to make a decent sized meal, and he agreed that there was no point in throwing good food away.

"Why don't you just put it in the fridge or something?" he asked once the stranger was done with his yammering, though he took the plate anyways just to satisfy the boy. "Surely there are some containers kitchen you could put this in. If someone else wants to eat it, they can do so without your constant badgering." The medical prodigy studied his face as he talked. The lack of color in his face was very concerning, but the enthusiasm he displayed was a good sign.... or the guy was just hiding how sick he was truely feeling. Andy was willing to bet it was the latter.
redleaveshavefallen Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
((hjgsdfuygsw everyone Jack meets are doctors I am laughing. Jack's whole family is made up of doctors. And everyone he talks to turns out to be in a medical profession. XD ))

Jack: "Ah, but...!" Still grinning a large, large smiled, he seemed to get noticably weaker. "......I don't want to eat it. It's completely unpoisoned though! I swear by my unborn children!" He continued to offer the plate. "C'mon! Just take it! Your hesistance is insulting to the cook!"
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Mello-Drama-Reborn Aug 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
*pokes with Chris*
idk if work better with notes or bluuuh I don't even have the attention span.
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